What is Teer Game & why it is famous in Shillong ? Know Details about Meghalaya Teer.

What is Teer ?

If you are very new to teer games , then one question must be in your mind that what teer game is all about ? Well, in this article we will try to explain everything about teer game . This game game is originated from Shillong and it is basically an archery based game. Everyday in the evening group of Archers fire arrows to the target and the viewers predict the target number before the shooting of arrows begin. Upon successful prediction of the Shillong teer result the viewer is selected as winner. There may be many winners in a teer game. The result number ranges from 00-99 in teer of Shillong.



This game is played everyday except Sundays and Holidays. It consist of two rounds , the first half starts around 3:30 PM and the second half starts around 4:15 PM. A viewer may predict numbers for both the rounds and in a single day he or she gets 2 chances for winning.

Shillong Teer Counter History :

Now we will talk about when teer game started its journey and become so much popular in Meghalaya, Shillong. Well, one interesting fact about teer of Shillong is that it is considered as traditional game of Meghalaya. In the year 1950, the Shillong teer game was started when only 3 clubs from different parts of Meghalaya state organized archery competition every month or week. 

With the passing of time , teer association implement some competition among viewers to guess or predict the correct number that hits the targets. The predictor who is correct is announced as an winner and awarded with prize. But, initially due to involvement of money transferring the Shillong teer game is considered as illegal game in Shillong. Later on in the year 1980, the Meghalaya Government legalized it , by seeing the potential of this game. Moreover, Teer Shillong generates employment in the state as well.

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